Database management system

I was revising database management system, but was unable to understand canonical cover with the example my lecturer gave us. So, after watching a few articles and YouTube videos here I am explaining the same example for you. Hope it helps.


Suppose we have some functional dependencies…

and their real pain.

While steeping the tea bag in the boiling water a matron haplessly asked her husband “when will we have our own self-respect?”The bristle haired man, not knowing how to accost his wife fell silent. Matron with a tinge of anger kept aside her teacup and said

What’s this all chaos? exclaimed Lilly.

Oh no who entered my house !! such a mess! As she enters her house she sees crazy drawings, letters, and numbers written on the floor with colorful chalks. What? I am gonna kill that Sharma's kid! She said. Then she enters her house…

Psychology explained.

What do you see in the picture that is to the left? Do you see the face of a woman? see a bit more carefully you will see there are 2 horses and their legs are actually the eyes and eyebrow of the women. Did you find them?

When you read the news it’s not quite hard to find some articles related to Artificial intelligence. For example Elon Musk stated that “AI is the biggest risk we face as a civilization”. Even politicians are now getting involved in AI. UAE has a dedicated minister for artificial intelligence and…

Complexity anlasis for choosing the optimal solution

Suppose your mom asked you to bring some groceries for a special dinner tonight. You got all the items except the main ingredient. Now you need to visit an another shop for which there are 3 different possibilities supposing that there are ‘n’ number of stores
Possibility 1: You can…

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system. It is used in team development , where in you can not only add files but also keep track of the status of those files. In short it is a powerful tool where in you can work parallelly and…

Hridhi Sethi

I am a student pursuing my 3rd year Btech in computer science from Amrita Coimbatore. I like building stuff and writing. AI and ML interest’s me.

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