and their real pain.

While steeping the tea bag in the boiling water a matron haplessly asked her husband “when will we have our own self-respect?”The bristle haired man, not knowing how to accost his wife fell silent. Matron with a tinge of anger kept aside her teacup and said


Little by little our days are becoming more glommer. We get up early to jostle on the train just to reach our workplace and that too why? To get a job for the day because people like us are abundant. If we don’t get a job we adjourn for the day and sleep empty stomach just with a belief to get it tomorrow.

For me, The worst part is when we get a job! Listening to this the man was shocked and lifted his head just to see tears rolling down the cheeks of his wife. he shattered inside as he never saw his wife cry. She continued, That’s when we start working with phony people. The people who are voracious, who scoff at us, who get irate just by seeing us. I ask them, aren’t we Humans? Don’t we have a heart? matron wiped her tears, there was a bit of silence among them

Matron broke the silence forcefully holding back her tears she said, Whatever it might be we still make it through the day , we then finally get the pay , the fruit of our work which turns out to be bitter . This brought tears in his eyes. He lost words.

She takes her cup of tea again as she doesnt want to see his face more while speaking because she knows that she will break down like she had never before and she knows tomorrow will nothing be new

And she will never even experience nuance, until she is dead.

-Hridhi Sethi

I am a student pursuing my 3rd year Btech in computer science from Amrita Coimbatore. I like building stuff and writing. AI and ML interest’s me.